504-A FAQ

Carrier for the Manual Chair- Haseltine Flyer™
Will my Wheelchair Fit in the Container? The protective carrier was designed to fit most of the standard models of folding wheelchairs. It will accommodate chairs that fold either horizontally and vertically.
Do I have to be able to remove the foot rests? Yes, the foot rests need to be removed. There is a separate area in the carrier to secure them.
Will the container fit into the cargo holds of most planes? The protective Carrier for the manual chairs will fit into the cargo hold of the jets. Some commuter planes have small cargo holds. However, if your chair would fit onto a plane with no protective cover, your chair in the container should fit.
Will the airlines accept the container at no additional cost? United, Delta, American and Northwest have assured us that they will take the carrying cases. Because the container is clearly labeled as a disability aid there should be no additional cost.
How is the Wheelchair secured? It is secured inside the carrier with straps.
How do I get the carrier to the airlines and check it through? The container can be loaded at the curb side and transported by the baggage handler to the plane and delivered to the passenger in the baggage area.
What planes can take the Haseltine Flyer™ If they can accommodate the chair they can accommodate the carrier. Most commercial planes with the exception of the small commuter planes can transport the wheelchair in the container.
Do the airlines provide them? Not at the moment, although several of the airlines are considering purchasing them at a future date, for some of their routes.
How are the airlines planning to load them? The airlines are considering loading the chairs at the side of the plane. Delta Express found that they could load the chairs quickly at plane side, unload them at the destination and them give them to the passengers on the ramp way as they left the plane.
Can I rent the carrier? Yes, the distributors have protective carriers for you to rent.