504-C FAQ

Protective Carrier for the Large Chair- Haseltine Flyer™
Will my Wheelchair fit in the carrier? Most scooters and motorized chairs do fit into the container. Since chairs are usually customized, we often have to measure it directly. If a chair has a fixed addition to extend behind the head, it might not fit. If the extension is removable scooter or chair should fit.
Do I have to remove any parts?What about the battery? You should not have to remove any of the parts of the chair with the possible exception of the battery.The regulations governing battery handling require that it be separately protected if it is an acid battery. Some of the airlines prefer to remove a gel battery as well. However, the removed battery could be kept with the large container.
Do the airlines own the containers? Until the airlines have the containers available for individuals, each person will own or rent his/her own container.
How will the airlines load the Haseltine Flyer? We suggest that the person loads their chair at the curb side and that the baggage handlers take it to plane side. However, it is probably best that the individual discuss it with the airline before hand to make sure their preferred method for loading.
How do I load the Haseltine Flyer? We suggest that the airport personnel help to load the container at the curb side. The motorized chairs usually need two people to lift the chair on the base and to secure it to the platform.
How is the chair secured? The chair is secured by straps on the bottom pallet of the container. Foam inserts buffer the chair. The top of the shell is for protection of the other parts of the chair.The shell offers a great deal of protection.
Can the chair be rolled onto the bottom platform? The current base has a rim that protects the chair from shifting or rolling off. Therefore the chair must be lifted onto the base pallet and secured.
What planes can take the Haseltine Flyer™? Most of the planes that can accommodate the motorized chair can take the carrier. Particularly the large jets, the 747, DC10, 777,757 etc. However, the smaller jets, the DC80’s and 737 have difficulty loading them. When the chairs are loaded they can often be shifted back and forth so that they are dragged through the opening of the cargo bay. Some of the cargo bay doors will not accommodate the rigid containers, so that the airlines cannot load the chair into the cargo bay.
Do the airlines provide them? Not at the moment; several of the airlines are considering purchasing them at a future date,for some of their routes.
Can I rent the carrier? At the moment there are no locations where containers can be rented