In 1995, HASELTINE SYSTEMS INC.™, a disability technology company, was created to design products for people with disabilities. The mission of the company is TO IMPROVE THE MOBILITY OF PEOPLE USING WHEELCHAIRS The idea to produce a protective container for wheelchairs was a simple one. Several years ago, a colleague, who relies on a wheelchair for her mobility, took a long-awaited trip. She boarded the plane and her chair was put in the cargo hold. When she arrived at her destination she discovered that her wheelchair had been badly damaged. The long-awaited trip was compromised, as she was forced to rely on an unfamiliar wheelchair to get around while awaiting her chair’s repair. This situation sounds familiar to many people who use wheelchairs and have avoided traveling because they fear it might happen to them. Damage to wheelchairs is not an uncommon problem. Traveling with a wheelchair or scooter presents significant problems. Chief among these challenges is ensuring that the wheelchair or scooter arrives at its destination as safely. A recent study released by the Paralyzed Veterans Association revealed that up to 50% of those surveyed reported damage to their wheelchair or scooter upon arriving at their destination. This often compromises an entire trip.

Florence Haseltine recruited the late,Mr. George Debush to help design durable protective containers. The Haseltine Flyer™ is a protective case designed to ensure that wheelchairs and scooters arrive at their destinations safely. User-friendly handles, durable materials and stacking capability enable baggage handlers to easily load and unload Flyers from cargo areas. Feedback from service providers who tested the Flyer included: “The Flyer is much easier to handle than an unprotected wheelchair coming off the belt loader.” “The strap handles make it easy to grasp;” and ” Flyer protected wheelchairs and scooters remained damage-free from drops as high as six feet.”

This is a growing industry in the disability community. The size of the disability community is rapidly expanding as our population ages. The community is active and politically sophisticated. In addition, both adults with spinal cord injuries and children with disabilities are becoming the focus of more attention. We hope to continue to interact with this community and develop products to meet their needs.