The first of its kind, the Flyer™ offers the ultimate in wheelchair protection. It is an extremely durable polyethylene case in which the wheelchair remains secure during the journey. Polyethylene is as lightweight as it is durable. This ensures ease of use for service representatives who handle cargo and baggage. The Flyer’s internal strapping secures wheelchairs inside the case to ensure maximum travel protection. Additionally, the Flyer™ 504-A is designed to stack neatly when not in use, taking up minimal storage space.












Easy to Load at Airport or into a Car



Easy to Handle


 External Handles for both the Owner and the Handler of the Wheelchair Container.

The Haseltine Flyer™ is equipped with an internal strapping system that secures the wheelchair inside the case.

Container for the manual chair inside an airline cargo hold 

It is easy to see why the damage rate of wheelchairs during travel is so high. They usually sit freely in a cargo compartment getting tossed and banged around with every movement of the plane or pothole in the road. The Haseltine Flyer™ will protect your char.